Redstone Homes Customer Testimonials


Recent praise from one of our newest homeowners:

My new condo at The Preserve at Boulder Creek is everything I dreamed of — and then some! Can't stop smiling!

- Susan H. Johnson, Grand Rapids


Another pat on the back for Redstone Homes:

We moved here from the country, and we like the fact that we can still enjoy views of beautiful unspoiled scenery.  Redstone doesn’t crowd the units together like other developers do.  They leave trees in the neighborhood.  We watch wildlife, like deer and wild turkey, from every window.  It feels so private and picturesque.

- Dodi Reinke, Grand Rapids


Raving about Redstone Homes:

“This is the third new condo we’ve built and the best experience that we’ve had.  Redstone was very responsive to all of our needs.  What a relief that was!  Also, we were pleased to find a site that is this wooded.  Some developers clear-cut the entire site, but Redstone doesn’t do that.  They don’t take the easy way out.  Instead, they leave as much green space as they can, because they care enough to make the whole site as private and natural as possible.”  

- Deb Koron, Grand Rapids


More compliments for Redstone Homes:

“One of the reasons we bought here is that the overall look and layout of the buildings in this environment are so beautiful.  Finding a setting in nature was very important to us.  Redstone lays out the homes to optimize every view.  We moved from a house that had lots of greenery and space around it, and we didn’t want to give that up.  We are also impressed with the quality and finish of the buildings and the fact that we could customize our home to fit our lifestyle and needs.”

- Bruce and Georgianna Klein, Grand Rapids


Paying tribute to Redstone Homes:

“We moved here because the snow is always shoveled and the grass is always mowed!  We both work and don’t want to spend our free time taking care of the lawn.  It’s great to leave for work early in the morning and not have to worry about shoveling the driveway.  It’s as if we live in our own little valley in this beautiful setting.  Redstone saved the trees so it feels like we are in the country, but we’re really only minutes from downtown and from everything else we need.  My husband used to work in construction, and he believes that these condos are very well built.  That was important to us.”  

- Ken and Rose Young, Grand Rapids


Speaking highly of Redstone Homes:

“From a design standpoint, the condo is very open, fresh, and bright—even on cloudy West Michigan days.  It’s very pleasant here, and we enjoy living in this condo so much!  We also appreciate the fact that Redstone makes their floor plans customizable so that buyers can express their creativity and incorporate their own designs, even if it means that walls need to be moved.  The location is convenient to downtown, shopping, and everything else we need.  The neighborhood is great, and the people around us have become friends.  We also feel that we got a great value for our money and already have seen our home appreciate.  Redstone is always improving and they show great sensitivity to individual customer’s needs and desires.” 

- Stan Henderson, Grand Rapids


Singing the praises of Redstone Homes:

“I absolutely love living in a Redstone condo!  We still have plenty of living space without being so spread out like we were in our house.  I like the high ceilings and all of the openness we have now.  It is a very warm and pleasing environment both inside and outside the condo.  The neighbors are all very friendly but still give us our space.  I like the blend of ages among the residents, from the young, to the middle-aged, to the more mature.  It’s such a harmonious mix.  I can still enjoy everything I had in a house without having to worry about mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, or painting the exterior.  Our son comes home from college in the summer and on holidays, and he loves it here.  He has his own space in the lower level.  I like everything about living in a Redstone condo.  I would highly recommend it to anyone!  I loved the house that I lived in for 18 years, but I have not missed it at all since moving to Potter’s Grove.”  

- Linda Hassebrock, Battle Creek


More admiration for Redstone Homes:

“We love it here!  We never thought we’d move into a condo after having a home for 45 years, but we are very pleased!  We love this community.”  

- Jim and Lillian Rumann, Grand Rapids


More rave reviews for Redstone Homes:

“Elaine and I are as happy as can be in our Redstone condo.  We made the right choice.  Everything we’ve been promised has been delivered.  Any issues were attended to immediately and with a smile.  We also feel very safe here.  The neighbors are extremely friendly.  We truly enjoy this location, and we have fun watching the wildlife outside our windows.  We can’t say enough in terms of praise for Redstone.  They are winners!”  

- George and Elaine Drikakis, Battle Creek


More applause for Redstone Homes:

“We like everything about our condo.  It’s a great location.  The floor plan is light, open, and airy.  It’s a lovely place to live, a wonderful neighborhood, and it’s close to everything we need like highways, shopping, and church.  We love the outside here too.  The woods are gorgeous in every season—greenery in the summer, marvelous colors in the fall, and beautiful snow in the winter.  Everyone who lives here has a great view.  We highly recommend Redstone to everyone.  Our Redstone home is perfect for us.”  

- Elton and Beatrice Van Pernis, Grand Rapids


More fans of Redstone Homes:

“We absolutely love our view of the woods!  That is why we bought here.  We also appreciate the fact that in our duplex, even though both our neighbors and we are pianists, we don’t hear each other.  The floor plan is also great.  The kitchen and dining room are so open!  We had fifteen people here for Thanksgiving dinner, and we had plenty of room for everyone.”  

- Phil and Betty Barber, Grand Rapids


More praise for Redstone Homes:

“I really enjoy the location and all of the windows.  There is so much space inside and beautiful views outside.  We feel like nature is surrounding us.  Redstone picks out such neat areas and they don’t all look the same.  The condos are so attractive.  Even the front entryways are designed so nicely, and it really sets them apart.”  

- Nell Kastner, Grand Rapids


More kudos for Redstone Homes:

“We lived in our house for many years before buying a condo at The Villas.  It would have been more difficult to leave if I hadn’t liked it here so much.  I like both the floor plan and the great people I’ve met in this community.”  

- Hazel Van Bronkhorst, Holland


Another satisfied homeowner:

“We’re glad we made the decision to move here.  We love this caring community of neighbors who will do anything they can to help each other.”  

- Carl Hoyt, Holland


A testimonial from another happy homeowner:

“I feel like a queen in this place.  It is wonderful to be in such a lovely home at the end of each day.  I feel very fortunate.”  

- Ruth Akerlund, Holland


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