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Downsizing to a Condominium

Exterior of a Redstone Farms Condominium in Kalamazoo, Michigan

If you’re already thinking about downsizing to a condominium, you’ve probably begun comparing the pros and cons of doing so, even if only in your head. Once you get serious about downsizing, though, you should write down those pros and cons and study them. Quite often, the things you may list as cons now may actually become pros.

In this article, we’ve compiled some things you’ll want to consider about downsizing to a condo, as well as some tips for making it happen. 

What to Consider About Downsizing

Condo Living Means Fewer Household Chores

We’ll start with the objectively good. A smaller space means less to clean and maintain. Lawn, gardening, and snow-removal services immediately remove those dreaded chores from your list. Condo living comes with a unique sense of community with your neighbors, as well as several enticing amenities, which vary from community to community.

So, what about those cons that can become pros? First of all, many people are concerned they won’t have enough space. To be blunt, no;you won’t have as much space as you’re used to—but that’s why it’s called downsizing.

Less Space Means Fewer Unnecessary Possessions

If, as you sift through your belongings trying to decide what you can and can’t live without, you realize there’s no possible way you can move into a smaller place, then downsizing isn’t for you.

For many others, though, de-cluttering their current home by getting rid of things they no longer need or want, is freeing. Often, they find the only reason they needed bigger homes was to store all these unnecessary possessions, and then they can’t wait to move into a condo.

Prepare for Homeowners Association Fees

Another reservation potential downsizers share is homeowners association (HOA) fees. Unless you’ve been paying HOA fees in your current home, this will be a new expense you need to factor into your decision. It’s important you do your homework on this and determine what amenities you’re getting in exchange for your fees.

Usually, HOA fees go right along with one of the greatest benefits of condo living: Fewer chores. Almost all HOAs will take care of your lawn, garden, pool, snow removal, and other basic services. This immediately frees up a significant amount of your time to do the things you want to do. However, some HOA regulations can be very specific regarding the appearance of your condominium, floor plans, appliances, and more, and these vary between associations. Make sure you understand every detail and that the amenities for which you’re paying fit with your lifestyle.

Tips for Downsizing to a Condo

Start Downsizing Now

The undisputed most popular tip anyone who has downsized will give you is to begin getting rid of things now. Make a list of what you can’t live without, and set the rest aside. Donate the excess, sell it, recycle it—give it new life, as long as that new life isn’t in your new condo.

For most people, parting with possessions, especially those you’ve had for decades, is definitely not easy, so start as soon as you can. You’ll find yourself going through several rounds of deciding what to keep and what not to keep.

Start With Items You Won’t Need 

If you’re having trouble getting started eliminating some things, a good tip is to start in the garage or, if you have one, pool shed. As a condo owner, you will not need a lawnmower, snowblower, pool skimmer, or any of the many other bulky accessories that go along with lawn and pool care. Once you see your pile of things to get rid of grow, it will be easier to add to it.

Interior of a Redstone Farms Condominium in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Consider How Furniture Will Fit Your New Space

In addition to de-cluttering your home, save yourself a huge hassle by planning your furniture arrangement before you move, especially if you’re taking your existing furniture with you. You don’t want to get into your new condominium, only to be trapped by too many tables, an extra chair, a too-large couch or anything else that gets in the way. Make sure you only move what you’re going to use.

Is Condo Living Right for You?

Only you can answer that question. From our experience, most people who take an interest in downsizing end up being glad they did it. If you’re the type who thinks you have too much space in your home, or that you use less of it than you used to—if you wouldn’t mind parting with 1/3 or more of your possessions, and would love having less to clean and fewer chores to do—perhaps you’re ready to downsize.

If you’re curious about what downsizing might look like for you, let’s talk! Though condo life may come with downsizing, our condos feature spacious storage features and airy floor plans that will help your home feel anything but small. Browse our available condominium homes throughout West Michigan, and contact us to schedule a tour. A simplified, elevated lifestyle may be just around the corner!

Where to Live in West Michigan

Relocating to West Michigan looks great at first glance: Beaches, brew pubs, and a booming arts scene. When you look more closely, though, you find it’s even more appealing. West Michigan is one of the best places in the country to settle down, and you don’t have to take our word for it. Grand Rapids continues to appear in publications, lists, and broadcasts—anywhere someone is touting the nation’s hot spots—as a destination for professionals and adventurers alike.

As recently as 2017 (the rankings aren’t out yet for 2018), U.S. News and World Report named Grand Rapids one of the 20 best cities in which to live, and Forbes ranked Grand Rapids as the best city in which to raise a family.

Map of West Michigan, featuring Redstone Homes communities

It’s not all about Grand Rapids, though. Because GR is the largest city in West Michigan, it receives most of the publicity when it comes to fine and casual dining, world-class breweries (welcome to Beer City USA), entertainment, activities, and more, but there are delights outside the city limits too.

East Lake Condominium Homes in Grand Rapids

Go a little north to view the beauty of Comstock Park and Rockford. Slightly east, Kentwood and Forest Hills continue to grow and thrive. Grandville and Wyoming to the southwest are more desirable than ever.

A short drive to the west on 196, and you hit Holland and its pristine beaches. About an hour south on 131, Kalamazoo is more than just a college town (although there’s no mistaking it’s definitely Bronco country).

All of West Michigan is thriving, and Redstone has condominiums, single-family homes, or apartment homes in each of these communities, as well as in many others.

Apartment Homes for the Short-Term

Do you need to move to West Michigan right now, but aren’t ready to decide where to make your permanent home? Look into our one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartment homes. These apartments, located throughout West Michigan, are pet-friendly and give you comfortable, versatile living options as you seek a permanent place to call home. 

Newly Constructed Homes

redstone homes selections

No matter the reason for relocating—a new job, a promotion, a family member nearby—one of the most important details is finding the perfect home. Especially in today’s market, and in West Michigan in particular, where homes are selling as fast as they’re listed. When you want to make sure you get exactly the home you desire, it’s time to look into semi-custom homes, and with Redstone, you can get the customizability you want at an attractive price.

Plus, with the generous design options offered in a Redstone home, you can personally select your flooring, lighting, countertops, cabinets, appliances, fixtures, and paint, and you can make all of these decisions through an easy, understandable process that ensures you receive the features you want in a reasonable time frame. Don’t want to build? Take a look at one of the move-in-ready single-family homes or condos on our home page.

We Build the Home. You Build the Memories.

We’re in desirable communities because that’s where those moving here—and those who have lived here for years—want to be. The charm of Grand Rapids’ surrounding areas, complemented by easy access to exceptional food, drink, and entertainment (try the opera, symphony, ballet, several theatres, and more) makes relocating a much smoother transition than it may be elsewhere.

West Michigan is growing. Are you going to be a part of it? Talk to us today about how to get started designing your Redstone home or to take a personalized tour of one of our many West Michigan homes.

Redstone Homes KitchenRedstone Homes Dining Room and KitchenRedstone Homes Bathroom

What to Expect When Building a New Condominium or Single-Family Home with Redstone Homes

Cobblestone at the Ravines Condominiums from Redstone Homes

Redstone gives homebuyers everything they want in a stylish new home, without the custom-home price. We begin with award-winning floor plans, add fabulous finishes, and ultimately provide you with the home of your dreams.  Whether you’re building from the ground up or purchasing one of our move-in-ready homes, Redstone Homes is the quality home builder for whom you’ve been searching.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. You can begin the homebuilding process by browsing through hundreds of photos on the community pages of our website and in numerous albums on our Facebook page. From there, you can contact one of our knowledgeable sales consultants who will tour you through models in one or more of our coveted West Michigan condo or single-family home communities. Once you choose a home planthat’s right for you, you’re ready to build your dream home.

Custom Home Meeting

After you’ve signed the purchase agreement, you can take advantage of our optional custom home meeting, during which you and your Redstone sales consultant will discuss the custom details of your home and make revisions (if any) to your floor plan.

Buyer Selections

You’ve toured the model, and you know which details you want to incorporate into your home. Now it’s time to tell us! During this part of the process, you’ll select the finishing touches that are right for you. We’ll work with you to choose cabinets, flooring, appliances, fixtures, paint colors, and everything else that goes into making a space your own. Keep in mind that your sales consultant has years of design experience at Redstone Homes, so he/she can either make all of the selections for you or easily guide you through the process. For many of our homebuyers, this is the most exciting step.

Interior of a Cobblestone at the Ravines Single Family Home from Redstone HomesPre-Construction Meeting

During this meeting, you, your sales consultant, and your construction manager will review your floor plan and confirm the selections that you’ve chosen. Your construction manager will discuss the construction process with you, so you know what to expect.  Typically, this meeting takes place approximately 60 days after you’ve signed a purchase agreement. (If your selections are made in a timelier manner, this meeting can be scheduled sooner.) 

Once this meeting ends, the selections process is behind you, and it’s time to start building. With decades of quality construction behind us, Redstone Homes, a premier West Michigan home builder, will see to it that your expectations are met and that you’ll soon be making memories in your new Redstone home.


Your construction manager personally oversees the entire build, which takes approximately 4 to 6 months from groundbreaking to completion. He’ll manage the subcontractors and the construction process throughout the build.

You’ll have an opportunity to meet with your construction manager and sales consultant again at the electrical walkthrough. At this time, you will confirm the location of electrical outlets and cable and Internet jacks, and your choices will be captured on a change order.

Homeowner Orientation Meeting

During this meeting, your construction manager will guide you through your home to confirm that everything is as you ordered it. He’ll show you the features of your home, give maintenance tips, and discuss the warranty coverage that comes standard with any Redstone home.


The best part of any home purchase: The closing. Your one-of-a-kind home is built, and now you can move in! We look forward to presenting you with the keys to your dream home.

Your New Home

Because we use systems and procedures that we’ve perfected over many years, the process of building your Redstone home is efficient and cost-effective. And in the end, you have an economical yet gorgeous new home in which you can proudly entertain family and friends.

Redstone Homes. We build the home. You build the memories. Let’s get started today!

Your Energy-Efficient Home Builder

home stud stageChoosing your new home builder can be stressful, even complicated. Working with a proven partner through your build means putting trust into the company you choose to move your project from new construction to a finished home. When evaluating a new home builder, you have to understand the laws and regulations that govern the construction of your new home in order to properly vet your builder. To reduce costs over the life of the home, you will want to select a builder that is considerate of energy efficiencies. We’re that builder!

At Redstone Homes, we don’t just hit the minimum guidelines; we exceed them in many areas to bring you a home that is not only “up to code,” but that is built to last because we use the highest-rated energy-efficient materials. We’ve outlined the code below and then identified where we are exceeding the expectations for our clients, while delivering exceptional Redstone value.  

Above and Beyond in Energy Efficiency – The Redstone Difference

All of Redstone’s newly constructed residential units (both condominium and single-family homes) meet or exceed Michigan Residential Building Code.

delta faucet

Get out your new home building checklist – below are examples of energy efficiency and how Redstone uses industry-leading products:


  • We use Kichler LED light fixtures with an expected life span of 40,000 hours (25+ years of average use). Household savings in a 10-year period with this style of fixture is estimated at $5,000! (LED vs. Incandescent / 25+ recessed style fixtures). All LED fixtures we use have a 3000K Kelvin temperature rating, offering the warmth of a traditional incandescent bulb.
  • We install low and/or moderate flow Delta plumbing fixtures that provide high efficiency via reduced water flow, saving water usage and water costs each month.
  • Redstone installs a minimum of 95% efficiency Carrier furnaces with 13-16 SEER AC units as our base furnace, which exceeds Michigan Code requirements. A higher SEER (seasonal electrical energy ratio) means more effective use of the electric power used to compress the gas in your home. 96% plus efficiency variable speed Carrier furnaces are also available as an upgrade in all of our homes.Carrier Furnace and Water Heater
  • Programmable furnace thermostats are our standard. Carrier Wi-Fi enabled thermostat upgrades are also available. Does controlling your heat from your smartphone sound exciting? We can do that!
  • DC powered bath fans and ventilation fans are standard for Redstone in all of our condos and single-family residences. DC powered bath fans draw significantly less energy and have dramatically increased efficiencies.
  • We partner with Bradford White to install Power Vent water heaters, which are top performing energy-efficient units made locally in Middleville, Michigan.
  • Redstone specs Sherwin Williams Duration Home Interior Acrylic Latex wall paint in all of our homes. To reduce ground-level ozone, the U.S. Clean Air Act regulates or limits man-made emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Sherwin Williams Duration paint meets the most stringent VOC regulations, repels stains, and cleans with mild soap and water, all while inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew on the paint’s surface.


  • Redstone Homes uses many “Best Buy” rated products, as rated by a leading Consumers Magazine.The CertainTeed tried-and-true Landmark architectural laminate roofing shingle is a great example of this. Landmark is designed to replicate the appearance of cedar shake roofing. Landmark’s dual-layered architectural shingle from CertainTeed comes standard in all our residential condominiums and single-bedroom sw paintfamily homes.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Please visit our testimonials page to read what our customers say about our quality craftsmanship. If you would like to explore how Redstone can exceed your partnership expectations and help you build memories, please contact us.



Holiday weekend grill deck





Holiday weekend sparkle

May Your holiday weekend sparkle!

Redstone holiday sparkle

These are the streets you'll live on...

These are the streets you'll live on when you purchase your new Redstone home.


Ladies, we have a closet for those!

Ladies, we have a closet for those!


Did you know that Redstone Homes is a “green...

Redstone Homes is a green builder.

We care about the planet and we care about you.

It's a great day for a parade!

It's a GREAT day for a parade!

Join as at the HBA Spring Parade of Homes. We are featuring one of our spectacular stand-alone condos as well as a stylish single-family home. 


Your castle awaits!

Your castle awaits!

Visit Redstone's condominiums and single-family homes today.


Drive Over to Jonker Estates And Check Out Our Stylish New Homes

Visit Jonker Estates TODAY and tour our stylish new homes.

We think you'll love the water view.



Did you know that our Redstone single-family and condo communities are pet-friendly?

Did you know that our Redstone single-family and condo communities are pet-friendly?

See one of our happy residents below.


Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung!

Join as at the HBA Spring Parade of Homes. We are featuring one of our spectacular stand-alone condos as well as a stylish single-family home.


Visit us at the Grand Rapids Parade of Homes...

Visit us at the Grand Rapids Parade of Homes May 20 - June 4.

We're showcasing two entries this year, a stylish stand-alone condo and a spectacular single-family home. 


Welcome home!

Welcome home!

Redstone Homes. We build the home. You build the memories.


A clever idea regarding staging…

staging A corner in your new Redstone condo or single-family home...

[For more staging ideas, keep scrolling and/or visit us at the Parade of Homes.]


Decking out your four-season room…

Decking out your four-season room, patio, or deck...


Jonker Estates in Holland

Jonker Estates in Holland, MICHIGAN…

Schedule a tour today.  You'll be glad you did!


What’s better than waking up to a Saturday morning in your new…

What's better than waking up to a Saturday morning in your new Redstone home?


Visit us today at the HBA Spring Parade of Homes. 


What little girl wouldn't love to wake up in...

What little girl wouldn't love to wake up in this room?

Visit us at the Parade of Homes. Bring your little princess with you.


Accessorizing the bathroom in your cheery…

Accessorizing the bathroom in your cheery Redstone home...


Adding natural elements to your new…

Adding natural elements to your new Redstone home...


Merchandising outdoor living spaces…S’mores anyone?

Merchandising YOUR outdoor living SPACES...

S’mores anyone?




Table for two...



Furnishing a Redstone apartment, condo, or single…

Furnishing a Redstone apartment, condo, or single-family home is so much fun!


Welcome home!

Welcome home!

Redstone Homes. We build the home. You build the memories.


For your new little bundle of boy!

For your new little bundle of boy!


Fresh. Clean. Fabulous.

Fresh. Clean. Fabulous.


The best way to have the blues…

The ONLY way to have the blues…

A little Zen in your Redstone home…

A little Zen in your Redstone home before you begin your day...


Redstone Homes. Your builder of choice. Welcome home.

Redstone Homes. Your builder of choice. Welcome home.


Did you know that our condominium and single-family home communities are pet friendly…

Did you know that our condominium and single-family home communities are pet-friendly…


Perhaps this is how you’ll decorate your water view home at Jonker Estates…

Perhaps this is how you'll decorate your water view home at Jonker Estates...


Living rooms that you'll love living in...

Living rooms that you'll love living in...

Redstone Homes. We build the home. You build the memories.



A Redstone dream home could be yours! Visit us…

A Redstone dream home could be yours!

Schedule your tour today!


Happy 18th Anniversary to Redstone Homes


19 years ago today, we began our journey. We started with condos and became the condo kings. Then we added single-family homes, creating additional communities throughout West Michigan. Our latest adventure has taken us into the exciting world of apartment living.

We are grateful, humbled, and proud that not only are we invited into your lives, but along with you, we create the homes of your dreams. We are thankful for our past and look forward to our future. Whether it's an apartment, a condo, or a single-family home, we appreciate you making us your builder of choice.

Redstone Homes. We build the home. You build the memories.

Anniv photo

Good morning. Make it a GREAT day!

Good morning. Make it a GREAT day!


Relaunch of our website!


Redstone Homes is thrilled to announce the relaunch of our website!  In addition to including new photos and text, we’ve also added our buzz-worthy blog.  More importantly, we’ve joined forces with our single-family home division, and now, in addition to viewing interesting facts about our award-winning condominiums, you may also peruse photos, listings, and a wealth of additional information about our family-friendly single-family homes.

Give us a call today!  It’s time to get a move on!

Relaunch of our Website

Great idea for summer fun in your new backyard!

A Great idea for summer fun in your new backyard!


Bring on the food! Bring on the guests! It’s time to enjoy your new Redstone nest!

Bring on the food! Bring on the guests! It's time to enjoy your new Redstone nest!


HBA Spring Parade of Homes

This condominium will be featured in the HBA Spring Parade of Homes (May 20 - June 9).

We look forward to your visit.

Rivertown Park Meadows Stand-Alone Condominiums.



The sun is rising and so are you…

The sun is rising and so are you…

Vist our Highridge condominium community in Forest Hills--duplex and stand-alone condos surrounded by nature!


Another Featured Home for Parade of Homes



Cobblestone at the Ravines Single-Family Home.

Parade of Homes - Featured Home

It's in the homey details

It's all in the details.

The homey little details.

Redstone Homes - It's in the details


Pretty little details in your new Redstone Home…

Pretty little details in your new Redstone Home...

Redstone Homes - pretty little details

Have a seat...

Have a seat...

Redstone Homes - have a seat

Good morning. From your friends at Redstone Homes

Good morning.  From your friends at Redstone Homes.


When it’s a condo or single-family home built by Redstone Homes, it’s…

When it’s a condo or single-family home built by Redstone Homes, it’s…


Nothing is as soothing as living in a home built by Redstone Homes.

Nothing is as soothing as living in a home built by Redstone Homes.


Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.
Happy Mother’s Day from your friends at Redstone Homes.
Enjoy your special day.



Which one is your favorite tablescape?

Which is your favorite tablescape?


Does the bathroom in your condo look like this? It would if you lived at East Lake…

Does the bathroom in your condo look like this?

It would if you lived at East Lake…


A little rest and relaxation in your new Redstone Home

A little rest and relaxation in your new Redstone Home...


Look at that sunshine! Time for some porch-sitting and a good cup of joe!

Look at that sunshine!  

Time for some porch-sitting and a good cup of joe!


Think spring!

Think spring!  

You could be in a new Redstone condominium or single-family home before the flowers bloom.

Give us a call today!

(Photo compliments of D. L. O'Brien)


Cinco de Mayo

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo a todos nuestros amigos mexicanos!

Happy Cinco de Mayo to our Mexican friends!

Enjoy this fun day!

Cinco de mayo


Big Closet

Mr. Big: "We're getting married. Should I get you a diamond?"

Carrie Bradshaw: "No. No. Just give me a really big closet."

Does your condo closet look like this?  Find your closet bliss in a Riverstone floor plan built by Redstone Homes.

To see the rest of this closet, view our website gallery or our photo albums on Facebook. While you’re on Facebook, please “like” us there. 


Which Kitchen Will You Choose?

Which kitchen will you choose for your new Redstone condo?

The stand-alone Riverstone floor plan is available at Brook Hollow, Highridge, Preserve at Boulder Creek, Retreat at Grand Haven Golf Club, and Rivertown Park Meadows.  Let’s start building your dream kitchen today!

Redstone Homes Kitchens

It's all in the details

It’s all in the details.

Redstone Homes Attention to Detail

Grand Rapids, Michigan. There is beauty all around us.

Grand Rapids, Michigan. There is beauty all around us.

(Photo of Fredrick Meijer Gardens courtesty of D. L. O'Brien)

Grand Rapids Michigan Beauty

Enjoy a Thriving Art Scene in Grand Rapids Michigan

Enjoy a thriving art scene in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

(Photo of Fredrick Meijer Gardens courtesty of D. L. O'Brien.)

Redstone Homes's photo.

Walk-In Pantry from Redstone Homes

Have you seen the walk-in pantries at our Redstone condominiums? Amazing!

And this photo only shows a portion of the pantry!  How does your current pantry stack up?


It's the perfect time to fall in love with a new Redstone condominium!

It's the perfect time to fall in love with a new Redstone condominium!


Fall MI

GRAND RAPIDS IS #1 AGAIN due to "high affordability and strong job growth!"


GRAND RAPIDS IS #1 AGAIN due to "high affordability and strong job growth!"

It's time to buy an ATTACHED or STAND-ALONE CONDOMINIUM at one of the many Redstone communities in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Contact us today, and you could be in your dream home before the new year!

Redstone Homes. We build the home. You build the memories.

Peak Autumn Colors

Peak autumn colors!

Peak autumn colors look even BETTER from your new Redstone home at Trillium Glen in Comstock Park! Say goodbye to cleaning gutters, mulching leaves, winterizing the sprinklers. All of those outdoor fall cleanup chores are taken care of — so you and your family can enjoy the season!

Redstone Homes autumn colors






Water View

Rockford Schools — 2 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths, 2-stall Garage

Zero-step entry — Stainless Steel Appliances

Contact Janice DeVos at 616-889-8514 for additional information.

(Be sure to view the photos on our Facebook page.  And while you’re on Facebook, please “like” us there.)



Our sincere gratitude to our wonderful homebuyers, trade and vendor partners, real estate partners, and Grand Rapids Township, for their help with this rewarding project. 





Redstone Homes is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our newest condominium community, Cobblestone at The Ravines.  Located in Kentwood, Michigan (off 44th Street, west of Shaffer Avenue), Cobblestone offers easy access to shopping, restaurants, airport, and other amenities.  Whether you choose one of our handsome townhomes or our stylish ranches, you’ll be treated to the impeccable quality and impressive features for which Redstone has become known.  

Just a short stroll from your new home, you and your guests will also enjoy the private pool, picnic area, playground, and basketball courts that are nestled in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

These townhome and ranch homes will sell quickly!  Contact Janice DeVos at (616) 889-8514 to schedule your showing today.

Cobblestone at the Ravines…the ideal place to call home!

Mortgage Financing

Mortgage Financing

Preferred Lender Coming Soon!

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