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You may contact any of our sales consultants (each community page provides contact information) to schedule a tour of one or more of our condominiums.  Before your tour, you also may view the hundreds of photographs posted on our website and in our albums on Facebook.  (And while you’re on Facebook, please feel free to “like” us there.)

You, of course, will own the interior of your new condominium independent of the other residents.  You will own the exterior of your condo, the land, and the garden areas in common with the other residents.  However, the areas directly around the exterior of your condominium are described as a “limited common area” and are for your exclusive use.  Examples of this include your driveway, sidewalk, front porch, rear patio, deck, and the immediate adjacent ground and landscaping.  Your neighbor, for example, would not expect to use your driveway or rear deck.

Our homeowners tell us that they don’t notice much difference between condo and single-family home living until they arise on a snowy morning to find that their driveways are plowed and their sidewalks are shoveled.  Another benefit of condo living is experienced when our homeowners go on vacation.  They simply lock the door and leave, with no fretting about lawn maintenance or snow removal.  They have discovered a more carefree lifestyle that permits them to live in the south during the winter months and/or vacation frequently with no worries about their homes.

For each new condominium community, Redstone Homes sets up an association complete with a budget and bylaws under which it will be governed.  When you purchase your condo, a Buyers’ Information Booklet is provided to you.  It contains information regarding the association.  You will become a member of the association when you take ownership of your condo.  After you close on your condo, you will pay a monthly fee to the association.

When approximately seventy-five percent of the residents in your condominium community have moved in, Redstone Homes along with the residents, will arrange to have an election of directors.  The first Board of Directors will be set up, and it will be comprised of owners.  Redstone Homes may remain a director as long as it has at least one unsold condo in the community.  After that, the residents will run the association themselves.

The dues are used to pay water, sewer, lawn maintenance, snow removal, trash removal, insurance for your condominium, and electricity for common areas.  A small amount is also placed in a reserve account for repairs and maintenance. 

Each year the Board receives bids for lawn maintenance, snow removal, trash removal, etc., and a new budget is created.  If the Board anticipates that the cost of these services will be higher than the prior year, your fees could increase.

Redstone provides a full one-year warranty on their condominiums.  A copy of that Warranty Agreement is included in the document you receive when you purchase your new condominium.  The warranty is also included in the Buyers’ Information Booklet that is available upon request prior to your purchase.

Yes, you may.  For condominiums on which we have not begun construction, there will be a Pre-Construction Meeting between the sales consultant, construction manager, and homebuyer.  At that time, customization should be discussed.  If a new blueprint is required, there will be a charge for that service, and you may be asked to pay for the customization up front.  You, the homebuyer, must approve all custom work by signing the blueprint and a Change Order.  Once we have a signature and approval, we will proceed with the custom work.

Yes.  Redstone Homes has made arrangements with our flooring, lighting, cabinet, ceramic tile, countertop, and plumbing fixture trade partners for you to make these selections.  Each of our trade partners has a representative who works exclusively with Redstone Homes’ customers.  These partners are experienced and knowledgeable experts who will assist you in making selections that will complement your lifestyle and your home.

Yes.  We have a kitchen appliance package that includes a stove, refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher.  You can order the standard kitchen package from our supplier or select some other make or model of your choice.

There are several variables that will contribute to the completion date of your condo.  If you select a site where we literally start from the ground up and have to dig the lower level and pour the foundation, it will take approximately five months from start to finish.  In addition to the many options that we offer, we also customize each unit incorporating a buyer’s ideas.  Depending upon the amount of customization, the construction time may be extended beyond the normal five-month period.  On the other hand, if you were to purchase a spec unit that is partially built, we could have it ready for you in 60 to 90 days.

This depends on whether or not you need to sell your house before you can buy the condo.  If not, you pick your site, then we write the Purchase Agreement, collect the 10% down payment, and begin the construction process.  If you must sell your home in order to purchase the condo, you should list your house, sell it, and then if the site is still available, you can write a Purchase Agreement.

We do not sell condominiums contingent upon the sale of a buyer’s home.  So, if your condo is ready and your house hasn’t sold, you must have a backup plan (e.g. a bridge loan through your lender or some other source) so you can close on your condo.  Consultation with your mortgage lender can provide short-term financing options (such as a bridge loan) to cover you in this instance.

Depending upon how long it will take to complete your condominium, there are a couple of options.  If the time frame is short (two - four weeks), you could include in the sales agreement on your house, a closing date that would coincide with the closing on your condo.  For a longer time period, you may have to put your belongings in storage and rent another dwelling until your condo is ready for occupancy.

Presently in Redstone Homes communities, there are many residents who have received permission from their associations to add flowers to the garden areas landscaped by the developer.  Additionally, the association has been permitting homeowners to place decorative pots with flowers on their front steps and back decks.

Each condominium association has individual bylaws outlining their guidelines.  When you buy a Redstone Homes condominium, you receive a copy of the bylaws.  You may then review them to confirm that you are comfortable living within the restrictions set forth.  (Pertinent information can be found in the Use and Occupancy portion of the bylaws.)

When you buy a new condominium in Michigan, the Michigan Condominium Act requires developers to provide a complete set of documents to you.  You have nine business days to review those documents before you are committed to the Purchase Agreement.

(You may also request a copy of the documents before you buy to see if there are any restrictions that are not compatible with the way you live.)

In Redstone Homes communities, residents are permitted to wash their cars.  Of course, homeowners are expected to clean up afterwards, not leaving any dirt, debris, or cleaning supplies in their driveway.

In Redstone Homes communities, the bylaws state that pets are allowed after the homeowner receives permission from the association.  Presently, all of our communities allow pets.  However, the pet must be an indoor pet.  When your pet is outside, it must be with you and on a leash.  It may not be tied up.  Also, you must clean up after your pet.

You may park your trailer or recreational vehicle inside your garage provided that the garage door can close completely.  Larger vehicles must be stored off-site.

You may park your recreational vehicle in your driveway for a reasonable period of time prior to or upon your return from vacation.  In Redstone Homes communities, approximately 72 hours is allowed.  (This is one of the specifics you can confirm in the condo documents you receive from our sales consultant.)

You may park it in the garage provided that the garage door can close completely.  Only non-commercial vehicles may be parked outside in front of your garage.

In Redstone Homes communities, two cars can be parked in your garage (or three if it’s a three-stall garage).  You may park one car permanently in the driveway in front of your garage.  If you need to park an additional car outside, it is possible that the association might give you a temporary waiver for an extended period of time (e.g. to accommodate an adult child who is attending university and living at home).

In condominium ownership, all exterior spaces are owned by all of the residents in common.  You don’t own a yard.  However, the area around the exterior of your condominium is described as a “limited common area,” and it is intended for your exclusive use.  Examples of this are that your driveway, sidewalk, front steps, rear patio, deck, and the immediate adjacent ground and landscaping are for your use.  Your neighbor would not expect to use your driveway or rear deck.

In Redstone Homes communities, the bylaws permit four people to occupy a condo.  There is no restriction on the relationship of the residents.

Redstone Homes has performed market studies and used skilled architects and designers to develop condominium designs that blend with nature, fit the needs of our homeowners, and provide the “WOW!” factor for which we are known.  Through the years, we have also incorporated our homeowners’ ideas into our designs, making our condos even more functional, inviting, and luxurious.

Since our numerous communities offer several different floors plans from which to choose, and we do customization, it is likely that we have the perfect plan for you.  You should meet with one of our sales consultants to discuss your needs and determine whether or not your ideas can be incorporated into one of our existing plans.

Redstone Homes has experienced, qualified, and dedicated subcontractors who work with our construction managers at each of our condominium communities.  Our subcontractors are committed to Redstone and thus we feel an obligation to be loyal to them, permitting them to be the only subcontractors who work for us.  In turn, we are able to commit to a high level of quality, communication, and timeliness.

No.  We attempt to maintain a consistent landscaping plan.  Homebuyers are not permitted to make selections or give direction to the landscaper.  However, after you close on your condo, if you receive permission from the association, you may, at your own cost, plant additional flowers, plants, and bushes within existing flowerbeds.

Yes, you may.  The association reviews these requests and makes decisions on a case-by-case basis.  The association cannot restrict your use of a satellite dish, but they do have the right to determine where it will be placed.  Upon your written request for satellite dish permission, you will receive a written response from the association telling you exactly where the satellite dish should be installed.  The installation must be in accordance with the parameters established by the association.

It depends.  The association is responsible for those types of pests that can cause structural damage to the condo such as termites and carpenter ants.  The association is also responsible for pest problems on the exterior of the condo or common elements such as a hornet’s nest or a woodchuck burrowing under a deck.  Other pest infestation within the walls of the condo is the responsibility of the homeowner.

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